FIFA World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup in Russia gave Media219 the opportunity to create 47 profiles for broadcasts to use ahead of the start of this world event.

The team profiles were created, introducing the teams to the viewer with stats on previous World Cup appearances, their record at the finals, the national legends, how they qualified for Russia, which players to watch out for, details and stats for the coach and what games they would face to start their Russian adventure.


Lasting two minutes each and supplied with guide voice track and scripts, these were supplemented with 12 stadium profiles of 45 seconds each along with 3 generic profiles on World Cup Statistics.

From stats research, identifying the national legends and sourcing images some of what coated back to the 1950’s, all aspects of the production were covered.

All on screen text was kept to a minimum and icons were used to help viewers understand the stats being used.

The project was a large one and involved countless hours of fact finding and stats checking. With deadlines set before the start of the World Cup so broadcasters could use the profiles to help build up anticipation for the tournament.

Stadium Images were created, mostly at a time when the stadiums were still being built, so lots of research was necessary and a huge reliance was placed on architects drawings and plans.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Sound Mix

The VO was recorded over 2 days due to the amount of films needed to cover all 32 teams and countries and stadiums.

The VO was then mixed and laid back to the films, with the VO and Music exported separately as each of the countries broadcaster needed to record and layback their native language to the films.

A huge project yet very rewarding as the information was delivered clearly and accurately to each and every country involved.

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FIFA World Cup 2018

Production Company: Media219

FIFA World Cup 2018