Oops! Yoghurt Sound Design

Mona launches a surprising new mix of flavors and textures for when you really want something tasty! The new Mona Oops! A thick creamy yogurt with chunks of the rich chocolate, fresh fruit and nuts. Half stirred, half rippled. Straight through each other! A delicious mix of flavors. And therefore no bite the same. So keep a spot clear for each other and keep a spot free for Mona Oops! Now available in three delicious flavours in two different sizes.

Oops Yoghurt Sound Design

Oops Yoghurt Sound Design with smashing asteroids, whirling yoghurt and a vortex of creamy, rich yoghurt combine with deep space, 3D sound design to make a hugely impactful television advert. With the tremendous support from the FrieslandCampina European market teams Oops! launched in the Netherlands in 2018 and will be introduced into many other European markets in 2019.

Oops! Yoghurt

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Production Company: Evidently
Client:Friesland Campina
Sound Design: Rich Evans

Oops! Yoghurt