Covid-19 Best Practices

Posted on May 27, 2020 in Studio News

Covid-19 Best Practices

The safety of our staff and clients is of paramount importance and to enable us to re-open and provide a near normal service the following procedures have been put in place to protect and provide a safe working environment for everyone entering the studio.

Safe Isolated Recording Procedure


This document outlines the steps involved to achieve a safe recording setup in our central London studio.

The layout of the studio allows for zero contact between the VO artist and engineer. The VO booth entrance is totally separate from the control room and is located in the other side of the building.

All surfaces and equipment are fully sanitized before anyone arrives and after each session.

Please bring your own water, coffee or other refreshment to avoid any unnecessary contact and please dispose of it outside of the studio.

This is how it works.


On arriving at the studio, please push the buzzer as normal.

Before entering, please make sure you have taken a lateral flow test, at least within 24 hours of arriving at the studio. This test must indicate a negative reading.

Please put on your mask or face covering. This will need to be worn in all the communal areas.

After entering the building, a safe, non-contact temperature check will be taken. If for any reason a high  temperature is shown, you will be asked to leave the studio, as this can be a risk to any other people within the building.

Then please check in via the NHS COVID-19 Test and Trace app. Please click here to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Hand sanitiser is available or you can use the washroom to wash your hands and freshen up.

You can then enter the  VO booth. The entrance is off the reception, and sit down at the VO table in front of the microphone and video monitor.

There is a window between the control room and VO booth allowing a good sight line between the engineer and the VO artist. They can then communicate via talk back.

The engineer will then connect you and any other guests into the session with audio and video, allowing you to monitor and direct the VO artist remotely.

Once all the takes have been recorded, the VO will leave via the same entrance, giving 100% non-contact with the engineer.

The takes can then be compiled and a listening copy sent to you via a link or Dropbox or edited as directed.

Please refer to the illustration below for more detail.

Any Enquiries

Please contact Rich Evans on +44 207 253 7587 or [email protected] if you have any questions.