The Fabulous Bakers Cinema Ad

The Fabulous Bakers Cinema Ad

Fabulous Cinema Ad for The Fabulous Bakers.

It’s a fabulous world.

Did you know a pineapple is 200 flowers fused together? Cranberries aren’t picked they are flooded in a lake and bees tell others bees where to get the best food by dancing?

The Fabulous Bakers are from Witney, Oxfordshire. They are a bunch of bakers, who dreamt of making tasty, fabulous cakes, muffins, flapjacks and bars, using only honest, kitchen-cupboard ingredients, with simple free range eggs, butter, pure fruit, flour, baking powder, some sugar, and no artificial nonsense, ever.

They believe that baking is pretty simple. There’s no need to complicate it with weird chemistry-set artificial preservatives, flavours and colourings. If they can’t pronounce it, they don’t bake with it.

They are proud (and rather excited) to be the first mainstream branded bakery to use only natural, honest, traditional bakery ingredients. It wasn’t a walk in the park as they spent months learning how to make oaty bars stick together without artificial industrial binders and figuring out the perfect popcorn bar combination, without the easy fake additives. Along the way, they scoured the lands for the tastiest fruit, befriended some remarkable real food pioneers, made their families endure their initial disaster-bakes, talked to supermarkets about why shorter shelf lives are natural and even smiled sweetly when a big bakery company told us that they were bonkers. But by then, they were on a mission.

This film was produced and music composed by Gary Tarn and features a fabulous world of bees, Pineapples and delicious cakes from The Fabulous Bakers.

Client: The Fabulous Bakers
Producer: Gary Tarn
Sound Design: Rich Evans @ Syncbox

The Fabulous Bakers Cinema Ad