Swatch Watch Sound Design Christmas 2018

Swatch comissioned We Are 17 to produce this quirky animated on-line ad. The 30 second spot focuses on a clockwork, wooden advent calendar where the boxes come to life and the inhabitants pop out showcasing the different watches available form Swatch.

Look out for a cuckoo, glittering baubles, a dancing robot, cogs galore, a jumping penguin, a snowstorm ad an ever expanding snowman all fitting neatly into the Swatch Advent Calendar.

Swatch Watch Sound Design Christmas 2018

Based around a Christmas advent calendar the sound design is a mixture of twinkling Christmas magic, interlaced with wooden clockwork toys, including a dancing robot, a huge bulging snowman and a jumping snowman.

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Production Company: We Are 17
Client: Swatch
Sound Design: Rich Evans