Syncbox Post. London audio post production studio specialising in all Audio Recording, 360 Audio, Voice Over Recording, Sound Design, Music Composition, Binaural Sound, Advertising, ISDN, Source Connect and Sound to Picture.

Syncbox is a London audio post production studio, situated in the heart of Clerkenwell, the new design and creative heart of London.

About. Formed in 2003 Syncbox has over 10 years experience in providing high quality audio and music to the TV and radio industries. Syncbox specialises in Audio Post Production including Voice Over recording, Sound Design, 360ยบ Audio, Binaural Sound, ISDN, Dubbing & Music Composition. Based around Pro Tools HDX, Neve Pre-amps and Neumann microphones, Syncbox provides the highest quality audio recordings to the broadcast and digital industries.

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Voice Booth. The generous voice booth can easily accommodate up to 5 people recording at the same time. The voice booth is ideal for round table discussions, small cast recordings, acoustic sessions and intimate voice over sessions. It has picture sync facilities and variable acoustic panels to alter the natural sound of the recording.

Control Room. The control room accommodates up to 6 clients and a listening experience that is highly precise and comfortable with the help of a very relaxing sofa and an armchair you won’t be able to get out of. We also have a dedicated client Mac, 2 large HD TV monitors, wifi, a huge networked library of sfx, too many Pro Tools plugins to mention and an ISDN system compatible with all codecs including APTx.

Formats. Our studio also supports AAF and OMF import and export and can record any format at all samples rates up to 96kHz including WAV, AIFF and MP3. We can also transfer all audio to anywhere in the world via a secure link.

For bookings please contact Rich Evans on +44 207 253 7587 or [email protected]

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