Star India Cricket Live Opening Sequence

With viewership in excess of 100 million, the Cricket World Cup T20 2016 tournament is one of the biggest sports events in recent years.
The main title sequence sets the T20 in a world where the players are cast as superheroes and their entrance, via comets travelled from around the globe, is used as a metaphor for the competing teams arrival at the tournament. Once these comets have crashed inside the stadium, our hero characters are formed from organic generative particles.
Three key players from the T20 tournament; Chris Gayle, Lasith Malinga and MS Dhoni, were clad in sci-fi organic mecha suits of armour which ‘power up’ before they release their energy. The sequence then showcases key iconic action shots from T20, set in a futuristic stadium to bespoke sounds effects and audio track. The electrifying and illuminating sequence finally resolves to a custom made logo.

Beautifully produced by Bolder Creative in Brighton, the sound track and Sound Design, produced by Syncbox, compliments the futuristic feel and helps to explode the sequence for the opening of the World Cup.

The sound design produces accelerating power shots and dynamic hot and cold moments, which power up the already explosive music track. Culminating in a tense choral crescendo over the Cricket Live Logo.

Star India Cricket Live

Broadcaster: Star India

Production Company: Bolder Creative

Sound Design: Syncbox Post

Star India Cricket Live