Max and Ivan Fugitives Podcast Sound Design.

Fugitives is written by and stars Max and Ivan.

Max and Ivan. Fugitives Podcast Sound Design

Fugitives is an 8 part scripted comedy podcast available on all podcast platforms.


Two lowly tech developers acquire a laptop full of contraband data, witness a murder, and then narrowly escape being assassinated. Suddenly, they find themselves sucked into a world of state-funded disinformation campaigns, bot farms, all-knowing Big Data organisations, and shadowy terror groups. They are on the run. Can they escape with the laptop and secure the data before the underground terror groups catch up with them and????

Inspired by the chaotic way global politics is currently unfolding, Max & Ivan: Fugitives is an on-the-run comedy thriller set across international borders. Written and performed by Max Olesker and Ivan Gonzalez it stars Gemma Whelan, Alice Lowe, Adam Buxton, Kyle Kinane and Stephen Mangan. The cast also includes Celeste Dring, Dan Tetsell, Elina Alminas, Ernest Gromov, Freya Parker, Jak Malone, Jason Forbes, Justin Edwards, Katia Kvinge, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Sammy Broly and Steve Furst.

Fugitives Sound Design


Sound Design

The main bulk of the 8 part series was recorded at Sonica Studios in Clapham over a few days, with the additional characters and the few last scenes recorded in our studio.

Once edited the the story then needed a full sound design build from the ground up. Soundscapes for huge office blocks, tiny cabins in the country, container ships, ports, cities, private members clubs and a multitude of cars were created to set the background for each scene.  Country specific sfx were used to create authenticity for each scene. Real crowds in the Ukraine and Poland were used as well as the sfx of a Trabant. That’s a really cheap and nasty car made in n East Germany between 1957 and 1990.

Foley was recorded and added to fill out the soundscape and add a sense of movement and place. Whilst carefully selected music enhanced the listeners emotional listen.

A rollercoaster of a comedy that never sits still. If you are looking for a terrifying and sometimes disgusting ride, then check out Fugitives. It’s available from all major podcast providers including iTunes, Acast, Spotify, PlayerFM, Global Player and The Podcast App.


1. Max & Ivan’s lives are turned upside down when they play a prank on a work colleague with devastating consequences. On the run with a laptop full of contraband data, they turn to Max’s old IT teacher Mr Cheyne (Adam Buxton) for help.

2. Max & Ivan zig-zag across Europe in a desperate attempt to try to make sense of the little information they have. They track down Lara (Gemma Whelan) who sets them on their way to meet renowned investigative journalist Stanford Wells (Justin Edwards) who, quite by accident, helps them get the break they need.

3. Finally finding themselves face to face with The MinerTOR (Alice Lowe), Max & Ivan have to think quickly to stop her having them killed and win her trust. The international errand she sends them on places them in mortal danger, and lots of horrific surprises await them in Ukraine.

4. Max & Ivan find temporary shelter at a very niche gathering in Krakow, but the relative calm is shattered by events across Europe. The question is – is it all the work of the Brotherhood?

5. Max & Ivan team up with Lara (Gemma Whelan) to infiltrate the 8th Meridian conference. They encounter the Emancipatriot (Kyle Kinane) IRL, but can they get hold of an exclusive enough lanyard to bug the meeting with Yitzhak Cohen (Steve Furst)?

6. After what happened with Yitzhak, Max and Ivan are shocked by Lara’s strange behaviour – but has she found their best lead yet? They head to Amsterdam where they face an impossible decision and are stunned when they encounter someone they never wanted to meet again.

7. As the endgame nears, a desperate Max and Ivan go in search of Lara and the poison. But news from Katja stops them in their tracks: are they finally going to find out the truth behind ‘The Cuckoo’?

8. Max, Ivan and Lara finally get some answers. Last episode in the series.

Production Company:Story Glass
Producer: Ben Walker
Sound Designer: Rich Evans
Photography: Idil Sukan