The Harrowing Podcast Sound Design

The Harrowing Podcast Sound Design

A remote island, North West of the Scottish Mainland, Easter 2019.

In an isolated farmhouse, a family lies slain.

Their daughter, left untouched, is found wandering the hills, lost and bewildered. As a once-in-a-generation storm gathers on the horizon and the girl is taken into protective custody, a mysterious stranger is seen watching the darkening skies near the crime scene. He is arrested by Jackie O’Hara ( Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt) but when questioned refuses to give his name and repeatedly warns of a coming evil. The next morning Jackie finds his cell empty. The stranger is gone. And so is the girl.

Mark Healy’s original scripted podcast series tells the story of the devastating events that occur on the Isle of Toll Mor over five days between Holy Wednesday and Easter Sunday, as recounted by the only survivor – Sergeant O’Hara. It tracks the rise of an ancient evil and the battle for survival as a terrifying power takes over the island. Full of dark foreboding, eerie landscapes and startling revelations, The Harrowing is a crime series that gradually shifts genre to become a disturbing supernatural horror.

Deep, eerie sound design compliments the distressing storyline, all mixed binaurally to bring a truly immersive experience to the listener. The drama has been allowed to breath with many pauses left in to grab the listener’s attention and pull them into each scene. This one is a treat to listen to.

An 8 part podcast drama published by Storyglass and produced by Ben Walker, the series is available now from your usual podcast provider or click on to subscribe.

The Harrowing Podcast Sound Design

Production Company: Storyglass

Producer: Ben Walker

Writer: Mark Healy

Sound Design: Rich Evans

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The Harrowing Podcast