Dolby Atmos Production for Film, TV, Radio and Podcasts.

All content on this page has been mixed in Dolby Atmos. Please wear headphones for the full immersive experience.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Dolby Atmos is an exciting new sound format that, whether you’re gaming, watching your favourite movie or show, or listening to that new track on repeat, Dolby Atmos enhances the entertainment you love across all of your devices. It goes beyond ordinary listening by transporting you with the breakthrough spatial sound experience that draws you in deeper, so you hear and feel more.

How Does Dolby Atmos Work?

Dolby Atmos automatically adapts to your device, so you always get the best sound performance regardless of how you’re interacting with it.

No other technology transports with an audio experience specifically crafted by artists, engineers, and other creatives to immerse you in a world created for you.

With more depth, clarity, and detail than ever before, Dolby Atmos helps you connect more deeply with your favorite music, shows, podcasts and games.

Dolby Atmos Production for Film, TV, Radio and Podcasts.

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Syncbox is now fully setup in Dolby Atmos to produce all content in this truly immersive format.

With a 7.1.4 speaker array the studio can now produce output for TV shows, Podcasts, Radio Shows and Music.
This immersive format is rapidly becoming the industry standard for all audio formats. Netflix have recently released a few selected titles in Dolby Atmos including the awesome season 4 of Stranger Things.

Please take a listen to The Harrowing. This is a Podcast set in a remote island off the north west cost of mainland Scotland. This has been re-mixed in Dolby Atmos, to bring extra depth and power to the scene. Please use headphones. You will not get the benefit with out them.

Dolby Atmos Production for Film, TV, Radio and Podcasts.

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The Harrowing Podcast