British Scandal Podcast Dolby Atmos Mix.

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British Scandal Podcast Dolby Atmos Mix.

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British Scandal Podcast Dolby Atmos Mix

In a country obsessed with gossip, the great and the good fear one thing more than any other – scandal.

British scandals change the course of history. They bring down governments, overthrow the rich and cause the mighty to fall. Some are about sex, others about money. In the end, they’re all about power.
But often at the heart of a scandal, there are ordinary human stories, stories of those caught up in the swirl of outrage.

Who was really to blame for what happened? Why did they do it? And when all is said and done, did anything really change?

From Wondery, the creators of Business Wars, American Scandal and Even The Rich, comes British Scandal.

They tell the stories of the murkier side of the British elite, from Phone Hacking to Jimmmy Saville to The Profumo Affair, who show us the reality of power, the price of pride and the failings of the great and good. Because sometimes the truth doesn’t set everyone free…

New episodes come out every Wednesday for free, with 1-week early access for Wondery+ subscribers. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

British Scandal is a weekly podcast published by Wondery.

It’s presented by Alice Levine and Matt Forde.

British Scandal Podcast Dolby Atmos Mix.

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British Scandal Podcast Dolby Atmos Mix

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