BBC Inside No9 Sound Design

inside no9 500

This special online only episode of Inside no9 was released to coincide with the launch of series 1. This interactive episode, called the The Inventors, is the output of an innovation project between the BBC connected studio innovation programme and BBC Comedy. You move through the episode by clicking or “wiping”. Each slide is animated to give the effect of movement and realism and a spooky macabre feel. Truly great music and imagery add to the already spectacular look of this episode.

The story continues…

Since losing their Mum in the greats storm of 1987, Andy and Dennis have found it hard to let go. Now with their Dad dead too, Dennis reckons it’s time to sell up but Andy has a better idea:an invention that might just save the day…

Don’t forget to wipe…

Client: BBC Comedy
Producer: Jon Aird
Sound Designer: Rich Evans @ Syncbox

BBC Inside No9 Sound Design