3D VR Sound Mix for Star Alliance

Mixing 3D mulit-channel, virtual reality sound to a 360 Video brings the whole experience of VR to life. In a word, Audio Head Tracking enrols the user into believing they are really there and not just wearing a VR headset sitting on a chair.

In this 360 video, the tourists, enjoying the view over Shenzhen City, get the shock of their lives when 28 planes from Star Alliance flyby no more than a few metres away from them. The roar of the engines and sheer power of the aeroplanes can be experienced in full VR thanks to the 3D sound mix and head tracked audio. The planes surround you from the front, the side and behind, ensuring there is no escaping the awesome magnitude of this VR film.


3D VR Sound.

Each aeroplane’s position and sound is mapped with 100% accuracy including the distance from the viewpoint, the height and the direction, which mirror each plane as they flyby. All the aeroplane’s, including the one’s in the distance, are included for a 100% virtual reality sound experience, even if you can not distinguish them within the cacophony of engine noise.

6 different types of aeroplane are represented from Boeing and Airbus, indluding the B737, B777, B787, A319, A320 and A340. Each have there own distinct engine noise are were extensively researched to represent the film accurately and to provide a real life experience.

The film’s spatial audio was mixed and sculptured at Syncbox Post in London and represents the dedication and excitement we have for this technology. So much can be created and enjoyed when you mix in 3D as opposed to 2D. Please get in touch with Rich Evans if you have any projects you would like to discuss.

The Star Alliance members are:-

Adria Airways, United Airlines, TAP, Shenzen Airlines, Air New Zealand, SAS, Thai Airways, Brussells Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Croatia Airlines, COPA Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Avancia Brazil, South African Airways, Luthansa, Avianca, Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air India, Aegean Airlines, EVA Air, LOT Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Egypt Air, All Nippon Airways.

Film Production: Vince

VFX: Coffee and TV

Producer: Sarah Browell, Arthur & Martha.

Director: Guy J Bradbury

Agency: Atomic London

3D VR Sound Mix for Star Alliance